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SmarterWX Collaborate Ideas

Welcome to SmarterWX Collaborate Ideas, an interactive forum where SmarterWX users can suggest, discuss, and vote on product enhancement ideas. Feedback is a big part of how we work to improve SmarterWX. Your suggestions help us decide what improvements we make and which new features to investigate further.



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Data upload to include Collaboration matching on works class at same organisation

Currently there are two matching rules that can be ticked on data upload 1) Match within my organisation 2) Match for same Project Owner. We would like to add another which is Match for same Works Class and Organisation. We have many projects at t...
Stuart McDonald about 2 months ago in  1

Changing base map to maintain current location

When a user changes from one base map to another SmarterWX takers the user back to the full Area of operations. Sometimes we have found our location but want to see heritage or aerial imagery of the same location. Going back to full view is time c...
Stuart McDonald about 2 months ago in  1 Planned

Real-time notification of works coming from DBYD

As a Project Manager, it would be useful to have visibility of other planned works coming from DBYD in the vicinity of my capital works projects. Consider adding a new feed of DBYD opportunities that includes enquirer details, dig dates and dig si...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  2

Organisation information

Consider adding an organisation information page for every subscribers to share how they are using the platform, including what kind of data they are loading and frequency of loading projects. This will help subscribers to more easily discover and...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  0

Project quick add option

Loading project data can take time. For Project Managers who have a project and want to load it between data updates, include a project quick add flow that allows PMs to easily sketch and add a single project into SmarterWX Collaborate to instantl...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  3

Ability to bring in additional data sets to identify further collaborations

This is about being able drag in additional datasets specific for identifying assets that may be approaching their end of life to identify if any collaborations may exist for those assets eg watermains with a failure history. This would then allow...
Stuart McDonald 7 months ago in  2 Already exists

View record in error

Ability to click on the record in error to see details i.e. outside organisation region show polygon in reference to region boundary, start end date shows record etc
Stuart McDonald 5 months ago in  2

SOCC Works in your Area website

A customer facing website, which provides details of upcoming works in the area. Potential to monetise as a service to data providers. Also, harnesses the greatest stakeholder of them all, the customer. Raising profile of SOCC and making noise to ...
Duncan Graham 6 months ago in  1

Standard form remediation contract through SOCC to share pain and gain from integration

Using a standard form contract which allows for sharing financial pain and gain for remediation we can streamline integration on opportunities identified in SmarterWX and incentivise buy in from stakeholders.
Duncan Graham 7 months ago in  1 Will not implement

Ability to export SmarterWX geometry for opportunity analysis

Having access to geometry in our own GIS systems will enable proactive analysis of opportunities for integrated road opening works.
Duncan Graham 7 months ago in  5 Already exists